About us

Beverly Hills Spa Mikveh has been founded to service the fast-growing young Jewish Orthodox community of Los Angeles and Beverly Hills.

The Mikveh has been designed halachically under the supervision of Rabbi Yirmiyahu Katz shlita of Brooklyn, who is considered one of the most respected halachic authorities of Northern America.

The Mikveh houses two totally separate Mikvehs for men and women. The ladies Mikveh has at least 5 preparation rooms. A SPA room is an exciting addition to this beautiful and modern Mikveh.

The Ladies Mikveh is being designed by ladies for ladies. A welcoming ambiance, aesthetically designed for a new bride performing her mitzvah of tevilah for the first time, and G-d willing to continue as a habit for a lifetime. The Mikveh will be an inviting place for ladies who will want to experience tevilah for the first time.